Following a break in at the customers house we were contacted to restore this cabinet to its original state. It needed a full repair with new glass cutting and the new wood needed to be colour matched. This is how we did it.


Firstly we had to identify the wood which in this case is Poplar a very common wood used in kitchens today and used in cabinetry in earlier years. Once we had the wood we had to get it colour matched to the original cabinet, not an easy task as wood naturally darkens with age and even if you have the same type wood they may accept stains differently. In end we applied eleven different stains and varnishes to each door to gain the desired look.

Once we had cut the glass and stained the wood it is time for assembly. When the cabinet was originally constructed it would have been made with expert tooling of the day. As we had to repair it we didn't have these original tools we had to hand cut each piece of profiling to fit together perfectly.

Once all these tasks were complete and we have fitted the new glass we are ready to deliver and assemble the new cabinet doors, giving this once ruined cabinet a new lease of  life.