Lectern for seed Creativity

With this lectern we decided to keep it as simple as possible. First of all, as with anything we went through a few design sketches trying to nail down what exactly the client needed as it was a functional office piece. 

We settled on using 18mm Malaysian plywood (for the stability) and pine for the framing. So we started out with a simple box shape making sure all our angles are correct and milling the pine framing down to size. Then we added the middle shelf which needed to house a sound mixer, very simply attached with drywall screws and some shallow beading underneath for strength. 

Then we cut the top, mimicking the angles from the box and leaving a 2cm reveal around the edge. Also cutting the hole in the middle shelf and top for wire access. Next we fitted the beading around the top edge and angled the sides of this to finish flush with the back of the lectern.

Finally for assembly we cut and fitted the base, taking the edges off but still keeping the stability needed for everyday use.

Our final stage was to fill all our screw heads which were countersunk into the wood. We used standard grey wood filler as we knew we would be painting the whole piece.

After this, we final sanded to a smooth finish and painted it white.

A very simple but effective project.